Gearing up for my Low – Carb Vegetarian Experiment!

Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Smoked Cauliflower – Cheese Soup

So, about a week ago, I was in bed, recovering from foot surgery.  I am in the process of losing a total of 160 lbs from my highest weight.  A year ago, I weighed between 185-190 lbs and today, I weight 225.  My highest recorded weight was 310.  My goal weight is around 150 lbs.

I’ve been dealing with various health issues health issues since early January.  I had  foot surgery, on August 30th.  I am currently recovering from that surgery.  My activity level has been nothing, my stress level high, my hormones totally messed up (a different story for a different day), and stress eating has left me heavier, bloated, and with no clothes to wear!  I refuse to buy new clothes.  I need to CHANGE everything and right now!  Since I have such limited mobility, my way to deal with stress, which is walking, is something that has been out of reach for the last 3 months.

So, as I said, last week, I was in bed, trying to figure out a way to feel EMPOWERED and figure out a way to stop gaining weight and take control of my life.. and the idea of doing a Vegetarian version of “Atkins” (being the ONLY low carb type diet I knew of), popped into my head.  About 10 years earlier, as a vegan, I tried several periods of attempted Atkins Induction, but since I didn’t eat eggs and cheese, it was really difficult and I gave up after several days.

Well, I have started to eat eggs and cheese and I think I am ready to give it a go!

A little back story:  I am a Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw Food Chef.  I love creating recipes and very flavorful food, but I rely on mostly legumes and whole grains to create almost all of my recipes!  I had a vegan food blog/facebook page for years and have cooked this way in a variety of professional kitchens..  I am very set in my cooking style, and this is a completely new way of cooking (and eating) for me.

This is an experiment. I have no idea how my mind and body will react to eating this way.  I have been researching the physical effects of this “diet” and am very informed of the Pro’s and Con’s from many different points of view.  I am comfortable with my choice and I will not tolerate being lectured by people who believe in a certain “Food Ideology or Movement“.  Just a heads up to the local Food Narcissist out there!

Oh… and I swear now and then.  If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to read it!

.. and yes, the last 7 years at my former food blog have made me want to establish a very clear “tone” with this blog.  This is my own, personal blog.  I am not writing this FOR you. I’m writing it for ME.  I hope to connect with people who are positive and going through their own struggles and make this an uplifting, positive place.

225 lbs Sept. 5. 2013


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