Vegetarian Low Carb: Ice Cream For Breakfast!

strawberryicecreamSo, I am getting bored with the food I’ve been eating during this induction.  About a month ago, The Boyfriend bought a super duper fancy ice cream maker.  It has a compressor, it’s not necessary to chill the bowl for 24 hours  You can make batch after batch.  This is a both a good and bad thing, I’m sure you can figure out why!

So, the other day, when I was making my protein shake, I realized that it reminded me a bit of ice cream base.  I use 2 cups almond milk, 2 t scoops protein powder (50 grams of protein and NO CARBS), 2 tbsp golden flax meal, coconut oil, french vanilla stevia drops and ice and blend in my vita-mix.  This morning, I made it into ice cream! I ate about 1/3 of it for breakfast.  The coconut oil is what makes it ice cream like.

I’m looking forward to trying it with the chocolate and vanilla and playing around with flavors.



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