Vegetarian Low Carb Induction Day 3 Roundup

day3inductionFor meal explanations, please click HERE.

Yesterday was a little challenging.  I woke up really hungry, but also kind of sick to my stomach.  I was up a lot the night before because of pain in my foot, so I was really tired as well as in pain.  Even though my stomach was really hungry, nothing sounded good for breakfast except a big bowl of Steel Cut Oats.  Obviously, that was out of the question, so I made myself a protein shake with coconut oil and flax meal.  I definitely felt more stable after drinking it.  My lunch salad was satisfying, but I’m REALLY missing a variety of vegetables and once these two weeks are over, I plan on introducing non – starchy veggies back into my daily routine.  I can’t wait! I am definitely missing beans and grains, but not as much as a variety of veggies. I can’t wait to eat a big salad with tahini – garlic dressing! A salad with cucumbers, mint, parsley, tomatoes, cabbage, kale, onions and carrots! Oh yeah! I think once the induction is over, I will be more satisfied, but I am happy I’m doing this.  I feel like I have some control over my food intake.

Before I started this, every day felt like a battle. I was stress eating and never felt satisfied. I wanted more and more food, no matter what how much I ate.  I was testing recipes for an E-book and everything in my life revolved around food.  My e-book was basically a whole foods, lower fat/calorie plant based book, but it just became this nightmare of me preparing and eating food all day long.  I’m in a jam.  I promised the e-book to people, and I desperately need the money, but I just can’t be tasting food all day long and retesting the recipes.

Right now, all I need to do is get through the day eating very few foods.  Since I am recovering from foot surgery, I am not able to stand and cook anyway. At this point, the foods I’m making myself are ready in around 15 minutes or less.  It’s a relief in many ways to just take the whole FOOD thing out of the daily occasion, if that makes sense.

I am definitely able to control cravings this way… both physical and psychological.

One day at a time.. and today, I am eating 20 net carbs and forgetting about the rest of the food world.

I need to figure out how to get some strength back in my right leg.  It has started to waste and it really freaks me out.  I start physical therapy on Sept. 23, so that should help a lot.




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