Vegetarian Low Carb: Daikon Noodles with Marinara, TVP, and Goat Cheese

Daikon Pasta, Marinara with TVP and Goat Cheese

Daikon Pasta, Marinara with TVP and Goat Cheese

This was my breakfast this morning now that I have decided to stop induction. (VLOG all about it here.)  I love using Daikon in place of noodles.  Here’s a quick video showing you how I made veggie noodles.

As you can see above, water was released from the daikon. I don’t mind that at all, in fact, DSC_0066after I took the picture, I dumped it all in a bowl and ate it, but if you won’t want runny noodles, you salt them, then fry them up in a pan or bake them (or even dehydrate them) for a bit. When I make asian salads, I love using shredded coconut and chia; it soakes up the juices and creates a lovely sauce.

So, this dish was super simple. I made a quick marinara out of canned tomatoes, added some dry tvp to it, along with some green olives, lots of red pepper flakes, fresh basil.  I added the raw daikon to the sauce, and brought it to a strong simmer, covered for 5 minutes, then topped it with more fresh basil and goat cheese. You can’t really taste the radish with a strongly flavored sauce.  I prefer daikon to zucchini for noodles because it holds up well and releases a lot less water.  Turnips work well too.


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